Thanks to Gyula Gazdag, Tom Denove, A.P. González, Barbara Boyle, Teri Schwartz, Cece Hall, Nancy Richardson, Sandra Lawton, Albert Malvaez, Rand Soares, Mike Carter, Mike Nudge, Emily Schweber, Jeff Brue, Fady Hadid, Carmen Jiménez, Meryl O’Connor, Júlia Francino, Gina Ferrer, Soha Yassine and the youth group at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Lee Ann Nelson and everyone who contributed to this film with their time and support.

Special thanks to all our Kickstarter supporters, especially Carol Bridgeman, Tania Bueno, Carles Castelló, Daniel Delgado, Melanie Eckford-Prossor, Ludivine Gilis, Edu Grau, Ken and Anna Marefat, Ignacio Más de Xaxás, Marcin Nadolny, Laia Pascual and Mercè Valverde.

This film was made possible thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award.

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